Top 5 Google Map Tips and Tricks for Android

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° Street View, real-time traffic conditions and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle , or public transportation.

Google Maps is one of the best apps Google has to offer, something that hundreds of millions of users rely on each and every single day. If you find yourself using Google Maps often, check out our 10 tips below to make getting directions, sharing them, navigating and more all extremely easy using GPS tracking .In this article  we are here with some amazing tips and tricks for Android Google Maps app that you might not have tried till now.

Top Google Map Tips and Tricks for Android

1. Set Home & Work Locations

First off users will want to set their home and work location. If you have location services enabled most likely Google’s already learned where your home is, and where you work. Which is scary, but also makes using Maps very easy.

With Google Maps open swipe from left to right, or tap the three lines near the top left and head into the options menu, scroll down and select “settings” and click “edit home or work”. This will allow you to set each location, and Google Maps will instantly remember it.

Maps home-work

Now using the voice controls we’ll mention below you can simply say, “Ok Google, navigate home” or say “take me home” from the voice search option and it instantly will start getting directions to your house. Not to mention those who use Google Now will get automatic traffic updates on their way to work, popular places traveled if you head to the gym three days a week, or other frequently visited locations.

2. Save Maps for Offline Use

Our favorite feature that not too many users know about is saving maps for offline use. This is essential for those traveling across state lines, or driving where you may not have cell service to get directions, navigation instructions, or have a strong enough connection to even pull up Google Maps if you’re lost.


To save an area for offline use:

  • Search for the area you want to save on your phone.
  • Once you have the map on your screen, tap on the bar at the bottom of the screen and drag it up.
  • Tap on Save and select the area you wish to download using the zoom feature.
  • Give the map a name and it will remain on your device for 30 days before its deleted.

3. Send directions PC to Phone

You probably use Google Maps on the desktop as well as your Android phone. If so, there’s no need to start over when you switch from the PC to mobile.

If you’re signed into the same Google account on both your computer and your smartphone, you can just choose “Send to Phone”, and you’ll get a notification that’ll take you to the directions in Google Maps.

Sign into your Google Account on your PC and then open up the Google Maps, find up the directions for your route or for any place and then from the options on the card menu you can send up that particular route to your mobile device by clicking on ” Send to Device”.

4. Find local favorites

Google Maps has been morphing into more of a city guide the past couple of years with suggestions for places to visit and eat. Touch the Explore option from the slide-out menu and you will be presented with lots of different choices for what’s nearby.


5. Check Your Speed & Speed Limits

This feature actually hasn’t made it into Google Maps yet, but you can still add it by downloading the app “Velociraptor – Map Speed Limit” from the Play Store. You need to simply download the app, adjust the settings to your preferences, and then head over to Google Maps.

You will now see a little bubble off to the side that shows your current speed and the speed limit of the road you are on. You can even set it up to alert you when you are driving off exceeding the speed limit so that you don’t get a speeding ticket.

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