Qualcomm may acquire NXP Semiconductor in $30 billion deal

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Qualcomm is a giant in the modern telecommunications market. Its modems and smartphone SoCs power hundreds of millions of devices across the globe. Rumors suggest that Qualcomm might be planning to acquire NXP Semiconductor in a deal worth at least $30 billion.

Talks between the two companies are expected to continue over the next few months, the Wall Street Journal reports. If Qualcomm is a high-profile success story that’s risen to dominate modem licensing and smartphone SoC design, NXP Semiconductor is the multi-billion dollar semiconductor company you haven’t heard of. Today, NXP focuses on the Internet of Things, RFID-equipped devices, embedded markets, and ultra-low power communication. Its technologies are used in multiple public transit systems across the world and it helped invent (and holds patents relating to) Near Field Communication, or NFC.

The timing of the move might raise some eyebrows, given that NXP just finished acquiring Freescale Semiconductor in March 2015. Mergers always take some time to iron out and combining disparate corporate cultures isn’t easy. Like NXP, Freescale focuses on ultra-small, ultra-low-power devices.


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