The $800 laundry-folding robot for those who dont have a housekeeper

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LAS VEGAS — Can R2-D2 do this? (Would R2-D2 want to do this?) CES 2017 brings us a robot that automatically folds your laundry. It’s Foldimate, the brainchild of a US-Israeli company of the same name. A typical laundry hamper of clothes can be folded in about three minutes. A human has to clip each piece of laundry on two hooks, then step back as the shirt or towel is drawn inside and a system of rods and rollers straightens and folds the laundry one piece at a time. It’s then deposited in a tray at the base of the machine.

Foldimate CEO Gal Rozov says the company hopes to have working prototypes available later this year. The price would be about $800, more or less. Whether it’s a robot, appliance, or something else, it’s intriguing.


How Foldimate works

6 FoldiMate Mockup pngFoldimate is about two-thirds the size of your washer or dryer. The user, perhaps a teenager convinced to help with chores, simply hangs or clips the shoulder area of the shirt on two hooks and steps back. The device pulls the shirt in. A series of rollers and arms that also move up-down-sideways straighten and fold the item of clothing.

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