Mo Bo person: The Siri of malic IOS10 why so foolish

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American famous science and technology evaluates a Woerte - Mosibaige (Walt Mossberg, common says " Mo Bo person " ) wrote a few days ago civil point out, although Siri is in,roll out year ago more when Ceng Jingyan all directions, but nowadays the big environment of 100 beautiful contend issues each AI assistant, the apple had lost the lead dominant position in artificial intelligence domain gradually it seems that.

Mo Bo person: The Siri of malic IOS10 why so foolish

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I believe to want to compare a lot of people with the osculatory time of Siri longer. Be in early 2009, the investor that the company gives birth to before two before the apple releases Siri formally years I serve with assistant of number of this one intelligence namely attended a science and technology that holds jointly by me to be able to be exhibited together. The service of assistant of number of this one intelligence at that time still is software of one of shop of consist in apple tripartite only. But after this before long, the apple bought this one company, the conformity in the IPhone4S that rolled out 2011 Siri speech assistant.

Besides IPhone, the Siri nowadays had been gone to by conformity IPad, Mac, it is Apple TV even go up. In addition, siri still can become CarPlay car to carry information entertainment system to reach through IPhone before long hind the AirPod that is about to release is wireless the important user interface of earphone.

And, siri still will become an apple to atttack edge tool mediumly in big fight of prospective science and technology, and this purpose depends on letting artificial intelligence become an user all round the war of one share of world just just begins. Fortunately, the apple has borrowed gained banner advantage by the existence of Siri.

So, siri why nowadays look so foolish still? Why can its utility suffer so be restricted? Why occurrence problem of its classics regular meeting? Is you making surprised if are you still written down so that Siri last time uses witticism in rapid succession when thing?

At least, right for a lot of people beside I and me, siri last time brings us the surprise had been the many thing year ago. Nowadays, a lot of use setting that the apple depicts to Siri utility place at the outset already by " condense " to dial speech telephone, send message to the contact these poor and common use. Really, siri still can help user set timer, alarm clock, record note, remind or search recommend dining-room to wait. But above mobile phone of etc of the IPhone before these works can be published completely also through Siri inside the speech instruction function of buy comes true, just their implementation means does not have Siri so dazzle cruel just

The advantage alls gone

From the point of present circumstance, the apple had wasted Siri it seems that once lead dominant position. Included the enterprise of science and technology such as Gu Ge, Yamaxun, Microsoft, Facebook to had joined this competition, although apple every time the news briefing can add the intellectual domain such as such as sports, film and dining-room for Siri, but look in me the apple had not increased any important knowledge technical ability for Siri for a long time.

Current, the listed newest function on malic Siri page is an user can control the family expenses equipment with HomeKit compatible platform through Siri, it is this one function suffers numerous limits at present to still be compared only small. For instance, the user can pass Siri now nowadays " will indoor lamplight becomes blue " or " open bathroom heater " , but Echo mixes Yamaxun inside the forerunner that assistant of buy Alexa speech just is this one domain it seems that. And, echo photograph compares the Yamaxun that is in activation condition forever the Siri reaction that the user needs to press Home key-press activations is a few sharper also, practical experience also is compared " HeySiri " speech activation means is a few more reliable.

The controversy does not know even presidential TV

Below a lot of circumstances, if the user thinks,regard Siri as true intelligent aide application often is met at the result of more capacious circumstances disappointing. E.g. , nearly a few Zhou Woceng tries to pass republic party of Siri know United States and democracy in equipment of much stage apple the name of two parties president and vice president candidate, when will they hold prize-giving ceremony of TV controversy and Emmy hold the issue such as time, but Siri cannot offer accurate solution for me namely.

Mo Bo person: The Siri of malic IOS10 why so foolish

Ask Siri when me " Kelite's weather how? (What Is The Weather On Crete? ) " what it gives out is Yilinuosi however the unusual weather forecast in city hamlet Zhuang Ke. But I believe, most person is asking " Kelite's weather " when point to it is Greek and famous islands actually Kelite weather situation of the island.

Mo Bo person: The Siri of malic IOS10 why so foolish

On similar IOS device, google Now can pass same speech question however clear, exact answer afore-mentioned problems. And, I am newest without try out Gu Ge even the digital assistant Google Assistant that roll out.

Of course, if you try the question that raises to Siri above me now, siri can have offerred correct solution. Because in my general the cut screen of major wrong answer sends them,this is later, the apple solved this one problem very quickly. This company emphasizes saying, oneself are improving the functional design of Siri continuously all the time, and dedicated all the time those problems that can ask about everyday at millions person, dial a telephone for instance, send a message, search a place to wait. So, siri to a few so called " long end " (Longtail) the problem did not pay close attention to particularly, and those problems that mention above me count 100 people to be able to put forward only everyday.

But I think, people is not willing to put forward these to Siri " long end " because be in,the problem basically is after tried several times and getting accurate result, they had not been willing to give Siri amendatory chance again. Because look in me, about " when was presidential TV controversy held 2016 " the problem does not calculate going up is than asking " Abraham - when is Lincoln born " more " long end " problem, but Siri cannot reply namely.

Everyday predicament

The apple says, siri is dedicated come true at allowing an user " in need not interact with equipment below the circumstance of the hand " . But in my recent experiment, siri often makes me disappointed however. For instance, ask on computer when me " I go going to work want how long " when, it tells me however " without firm address " , but firm address was typed really in my connection information in fact.

The Siri that asks IPad to go up in me " my making an appointment the next time is when " , it tells me however " feel sorry, woerte, gave a bit issue " . Nevertheless, siri can give out on IPhone however right answer. When the picture that when me requirement Siri shows to this summer films in British York county, it showed the picture that in Virginia city York town films I am a few years ago however come out.

Mo Bo person: The Siri of malic IOS10 why so foolish

More exaggerated is, siri seeks the IMessage information that is less than my daughter-in-law to be sent even, and " pretend " she did not send me any message that day (in fact, she had sent two IMessage message to me that day) .

Who is Mu of the base of a fruit - Cooke?

From the point of my use experience, siri cannot be distinguished it seems that " who is a certain person " and " the requirement obtains a certain person to contact information " the distinction between. For example, I have Mu of malic CEO the base of a fruit - Cooke (Tim Cook) contact information, but ask when me " who is Mu of the base of a fruit - Cooke? " when, siri provided contact information of Cooke to me however, is not his individual brief introduction on the network.

Nevertheless, in the SamSung Galaxy S7 that stores a library to digest contact news likewise (attention, this can not be that model that produces explosion) above, google Now understood my problem definitely, showed Cooke to be in Vicki the explanatory entry on 100 divisions. I believe, if I go up to point out to GoogleNow in Galaxy S7 " Mu giving the base of a fruit - Cooke sends an email " when, it also can be illuminated do not by accident.

Of course, this Siri also is met.

In all fairness, siri is not the exclusive element of strategy of malic artificial intelligence. Newest operating system of the apple and core application inside buy has function of a few intelligence, for instance according to email medium information figures sealed incoming telegram person go up the identity, automatically in the map line out parking space buy perhaps is in when the mobile phone after a certain period of time and Che Zaila tooth establish link, tell an user through Apple Watch that day diligent when long wait for data.

Bottom line

Without doubt, siri can help an user dial a telephone or send message, also can offer evaluation of score of match of such as sports, dining-room, film to show the information such as time, and these are apples in how before New Year already compositive Siri function. What must say is, the assistant of other intelligence speech besides Siri also has respective problem and the mistake that can make constantly.

Current and character, the function of Siri designs very finite still, dependability to also be put in the problem, because this still cannot make an apple temporarily,be in the effective response in prospective AI big fight. After all, apple great because can take the existing data write an essay of the user only,not be, because it can use existing resource,produce a surprise ceaselessly for the user however, and the AI revolution that belongs to future also needs an apple to accomplish same thing.

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