Malic IPhone with old change still be in newly continue: Highest fold touch 2235 yuan

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Last year September, as IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus appear on the market formally, the apple is formal also wait for IPhone SE, IPhone 6s and IPhone 6s Plus on generation type is added with old change new " formula " in.

The user can accord with conditional smartphone to head for Apple Store retailing shop on the belt, the spot can be obtained fold touch privilege to buy new IPhone. In addition, the user still tells an apple the news of your smartphone through online form, malic partner will undertake assessment, the user mails freely can receive after the smartphone fold touch money.

At that time, all according with with old the IPhone that changes new requirement is highest fold 2670 yuan of RMBs that touch valence to be IPhone 6s Plus, and now, of IPhone 6s Plus highest fold touch valence to be 2235 yuan. Additional, the other smartphone that accords with a condition undertakes online folded the favourable amount that reach to also reduce 1620 yuan from 2670 yuan.

Current, support with old change new most " old " IPhone type is IPhone 5, its are folded support the price highest it is 330 yuan, and most " not costly " type is IPhone 5c, its highest fold touch valence to be 210 yuan.

Be worth what carry is, to popularize this with old trade new activity, the apple still is in small letter put in an absorbing advertisement inside friend circle, look together.

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