Malic Liam robot can tear open solution one year how many IPhone6

Apple cj Times

On the news briefing last year, the robot Liam of malic company appears first. This giant the robot has 29 independent type, the manipulator with different function, be in charge of assembling with the robot of other assembly line different, liam is will return a factory, the IPhone of attaint undertakes tearing open solving. To keep mysterious, only partial apple is in charge of the existence that knows Liam high at that time.

The report that malic company issues the basis before this, at present of Liam " product line " the system basically is mixed in California Holand. A Liam can tear open solution one year 1.2 million IPhone 6. So two Liam can tear open solution one year at most 2.4 million IPhone 6, with photograph of sales volume of 211 million IPhone compared the apple 2016, it is very few really. The apple expressed this machine 11 seconds every to be able to tear open solution last year an IPhone 6.

The apple goes out in report middle finger, every tear open Liam solve 10 thousand IPhone, they can reclaim 190kg is aluminous, 80kg copper, 0.13kg gold, 0.04kg is platinic a group of things with common features metal, 0.07kg silver, 5.5kg stannum and 2.4kg rare-earth element.

Liam can tear open solution only at present IPhone 6, so those IPhone 6 users are changed they did not realize where hand opportunity is sent probably after machine. The mobile phone is eroded by the liquid likely, fall into a toilet for example, these IPhone may be sent a among them to two of the United States to distribute a center. After undertaking detecting artificially, the component that still can use can be gone to by carry the storehouse with mysterious apple, liam can let them get the chance of renascence.

Make Liam, the apple is an increasingly serious problem in hoping to be able to settle consumptive electron trade, that is electronic rubbish, perhaps call an electron litter again, especially batteries litter, it has become a developing country a dangerous existence. Found in the United States can circulate the project may be helped somewhat to this, rise this to international level can face more enormous challenge nevertheless.

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