Analyst: IPhone8 of 5.8 inches of apples still deploys plane to display screen

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All sorts of hearsay mention malic general this year the autumn is released brand-new 5.8 inches of IPhone of the design, this IPhone will deploy immensity casing OLED to display screen. Regard 10 anniversary edition as IPhone, the new fund IPhone this year names hearsay to have a lot of, perhaps be IPhone 8, IPhone X or IPhone Edition. In the meantime, still a few reports think the indication screen of IPhone 8 can use curved surface design.

Today, wayne Lam of IHS Markit analyst expresses: "We think, the apple can continue to use planar OLED to display screen on special IPhone version, as similar as the 2.5D screen design that uses on IPhone 7 at present. As similar as the 2.5D screen design that uses on IPhone 7 at present..

"Resemble the LG G6 smartphone that releases recently, our person thinks this year brand-new IPhone screen can use design of brand-new length breadth ratio, this kind of design will be become 2017 brand-new design language. Also can use the SamSung S8 that releases at the end of this month this kind of design " .


LG G6 deployed 5.7 inches of LCD to display screen, screen scale is 18: 9, double the length just in time that this means screen is width. Current, the scale of IPhone screen is 16: 9.

Triumphant base Guo Mingchi of negotiable securities analyst and TrendFroce of firm of Chinese market research state they forecast IPhone of the generation below the apple to be able to continue to use 2.5D to display screen recently, this kind of 2.5D shows screen appears on the IPhone 6 2014 and IPhone 6 Plus first.

Nevertheless, the message of wall street daily mentions IPhone of high end of the generation below the apple to be able to deploy curved surface to display screen however, just did not provide more detail. Korea pioneer morning paper also states equipment can deploy curved surface OLED to display screen. Japanese website Nikkei and Ba Kelai's analyst Blayne Curtis also is the proponent of curved surface screen at the same time. This is meant till now, the message of all sorts of analysts, in-house personage, message personage, media is mutual conflict.

Of course, still having a kind of possibility is " curved surface " indication screen points to 2.5D glass namely. As a result of the character of OLED, a lot of reports just may regard curved surface as to display screen 2.5D screen. Finally, IHS Markit still thinks, the IPhone of all model can support prospective apple OLED displays screen, and this kind of longer indication screen can be what IPhone adds Touch Bar color touch accuse. As to Touch ID, IHS thinks the apple can embed Touch ID sensor fall in indication screen.

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