User notice: These preparation had been made please before updating malic IOS10.3

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Before new IOS version is being updated previously, whether are you met occupy all number in equipment first and does file backup arrive in the cloud? As the arrival of next IOS new version, you are likely must such. In this new version, the apple will introduce new file system -- Apple File System (malic file system) , replace the HFS+ that at present IOS system place uses.

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HFS+ begins from 1998 now, had used near 20 years, and to catch up with contemporary computer operation dictates, HFS+ also undertakes updating ceaselessly in the time in the past.

Wherefrom moment begins, HFS+ is wearing a series of device of the apple with respect to be linked together. It experienced 1000 byte, million byte to arrive again thousand byte and million byte. We also were experienced arrive from hard disk driver SSD, from physics installation means downloads to the number, move backup to arrive from the hand the process of Time Machine and ICloud. Go all the way, HFS+ and its group let it retain vigor all the time, but the elapse as time, want again forth one pace, you always need a few new things to break outmodel conventions.

HFS+ moves at all apple equipment now, but the means that in different equipment its carry out also is distinguished somewhat, include the field of a few keys, add for example close. This means different source code and apart maintenance, development. No matter be now,still be in the future, APFS can let malic platform more undertake expanding consistently, it allows individual code library to use fewer resource to develop and be safeguarded, make it develops more quickly to mix better.

The apple began the development of APFS from 2014, this is not one is based on the thing that already had file system development, what make from A to Z however is brand-new only system. On June 14, 2016, the apple is released formally on WWDC2016 brand-new file system -- Apple File System, namely system of APFS apple file.

APFS advanced sex depends on it is to be solid state hard disk technically to reach shine put optimized file system, be based on a kind of individual limit to keep the character with duplicate edge, make equipment I/O (input / output interface) amalgamative, improve memory performance with utmost, ensure at the same time data dependability.

APFS supports a space to share, allow hard disk namely or shine put the many physics that go up to coil share rock-bottom and usable space, is not the empty floor space that has secured, for example: The capacity is the hard disk of 100GB, the A to 10GB capacity dish with B dish, its all can be 70GB with the space.

Safety and privacy are the design foundation of APFS. Add close it is the character that APFS gives birth to support formerly, the user can coil in the light of every the choice is following any one kind adds secret method: Do not add close, unified with close key is added close, or much closer key is added close (use in the light of every file special close key is added close, use an alone close key in the light of sensitive metadata at the same time) . Much closer key even if equipment physics safety is browbeaten,Jiamike ensures, still can ensure the integrality of user data. Depend on specific hardware, jiamike uses APFS AES-XTS or AES-CBC algorithm.

The manner of developer

Your IOS system can change new file form automatically, it and old pattern are incompatible. Because this is in the process that installs new version, if your equipment appeared what problem, you store the file on equipment may be dangerous.

At present IOS latest edition is IOS 10.2.1 originally, the next is great it is IOS 10.3 newlier. Malic company begins to release the test version of IOS 10.3 from Feburary, had been to release the 5th test version at present, predicting meeting issues formal edition in the end of this month.

From the point of current condition, major developer prefers this new file system. Compare with the photograph of HFS+ file system before this, this new file system can let them there is more to develop a space on applied management, its add close performance stronger, administrative mass data is more convenient, time jab gets perfecting, saved a space, avoid a file to break down etc, anyhow merit is very much.

Nevertheless this new file system also has bad side, developer states IOS 10.3 will be automatic all data that attend facility change APFS, the format that data stores will be changed. Although data still is in, but format and previously different.

Because this is in the course that changes equipment new form, if appeared what problem, although you had undertaken backup to the file, just coming over the file move of a version is otiose, because new IOS system can be read far from,take the file of old pattern. If apply,appeared so what problem, or data is missing, applied developer also is to be willing to help but unable to do so probably.

User notice

Equipment of final of course and all apple can use APFS this new file system, the apple also can offer simple and quick way to help an user undertake the file is transferred updating mixing. If you want to change APFS,return HFS+ nevertheless, the apple says to do not have method. Upgrade to APFS in file system so later, if appeared,you consider what issue if restoring old version IOS, so you need to decide a form again, restore old file system, in this process all files on your equipment can be deleted.

Of course if you had backed up completely, that also is not what big question this. If your equipment changes brick, and you lazy if backing up, that is tragic.

Before the user installs IOS 10.3, should meet the backup that gets an apple reminds, and a lot of people may are opposite this turn a blind eye to, perhaps feel the apple is bring owls to Athens, oneself often also are previously below the circumstance that did not back up undertake updating, not was necessary at all. Do not want this look please!

What should point out is, apple or special effort avoid to make mistake, cause the problem with user missing data. To losing data this is planted thing, apple an engineer is so say: "The sort of feeling is like, I lost a piece of picture, and that is me fitly those who save is exclusive a piece of photograph about the grandma. " because of this although this second replace occurrence issue, the range that it affects should be not big also.

If above paragraphs place says, IOS 10.3 is great newer, besides introduce besides brand-new malic file system, still increased to search my AirPods. Additional, IOS 10.3 still improved the Apple ID with applied animation, setting brand-new application to configure file, clearer ICloud to store use circumstance, SiriKit is improved and new ICloud analyses option.

Remind broad user again finally, complete backup must undertake before updating IOS 10.3.

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