Beautiful undergraduate upgrades the biggest factor of IPhone: Buy engine contract to expire

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The Munster of bank of Piper Jaffray investment sought advice from a group of undergraduates that come to university of axiomatic Ni Suda recently, they also hope to more is obtained to wait about science and technology, IPhone, gregarious media in the mouth from these American millennium generation useful, fragmentary data.

Let us pay close attention to these undergraduates to be in refer IPhone when, whats to say. The undergraduate's idea, sometimes really many places are worth an analyst to perhaps say malic company pays close attention to.

"When my contract expires, I can buy a new IPhone. " when asking about the price, an undergraduate say.

In this group, almost all members more favour IPhone mobile phone, there are 7 to express to using IPhone now in 8 members or he leave a mobile phone is IPhone for certain. And change the turning point of IPhone is very real also, just their buy engine contract to expire, say so, these undergraduates change the cycle of IPhone is 2-2.5 year.

Nevertheless among them a member from arrive from IPhone switch 3 years ago on Android platform, because he feels,Android is a more agile platform.

Finally, an undergraduate is mentioned, IPhone will continue dictate undergraduate market, and of IPhone concessionary managing is in good condition it seems that, reduplicative buys the home. Nevertheless he also is mentioned, actually new this year IPhone has what kind of function is not the most crucial factor that makes an undergraduate upgrade, he thinks even, the new function that new IPhone configures cannot attract them commonly, and make them upgrade newlier the factor with the biggest IPhone is to buy engine contract (almost every undergraduate mentioned this) .

From inside the research report of Munster we see, when consuming, these undergraduates are very sensible, do not know what kind of inspiration the apple can get from which?

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