The flower withered: Indonesia eventually when IPhone 7 appears on the market

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The last few years, we already not quite for new fund IPhone whether domestic head hair appears on the market and worried. But be in a few countries and area, after IPhone of new perhaps generation can postpone half an year, ability appears on the market. , smartfren of Indonesian operation business announces formally today, they will be in on March 24 of open IPhone7 engage a service. Indonesian also be up to now we had seen IPhone 7 appears on the market a country of at latest.

Nevertheless, IPhone 7 has not been announced in Indonesian price. Because the apple is in Indonesian without official retailing shop, local consumer can know the more news that appears on the market with IPhone 7 in operation trade department only. As we have learned, after IPhone 7 spent half an year, just be in Indonesian appear on the market, because local government asks the foreign smartphone that supports 4G network needs to use,be of at least 30% " this locality content " , the content that says here can be hardware also can be software, still can be investment.

To satisfy this requirement, the immanent and Indonesian investment that affirmatory meeting is in the apple to did not come 3 years 44 million dollar builds center of research and development, include center of an IOS application development. Also invest because of this brushstroke of the apple just about, the apple took Indonesian government " pass " , IPhone 7 also is able to sell smoothly. As we have learned, the apple is in recently Indonesian the mobile phone model that sell is IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus, do not know they still offer the plan of IPhone6s/iPhone6s Plus in place?

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