Malic AppleCare+ buys deadline to lengthen: IPhone in one's hand inside 1 year all but

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Disclose according to many message personage, appleCare+ is all-around now while the service plans to be able to buying new IPhone, undertake buying, since the day that may buying IPhone buy inside 1 year. Before this, since the day that the user needs to buying IPhone AppleCare+ is bought inside 60 days all-around service plan. Current, the apple has not updated a website, but an advanced AppleCare adviser had affirmed buy deadline to lengthen to 1 year.

This the change means AppleCare+ to be able to guarantee in 1 year of IPhone standard period inside buy, make AppleCare+ For IPhone As identical as AppleCare For Mac and Apple TV, buying time is inside 1 year after buying equipment.

Current, appleCare+ is bought period lengthen apply to IPhone only, do not support IPad, IPod Touch and Apple Watch. These 3 equipment still need to buying day to rise 60 days inside buy AppleCare+ . In the meantime, can buy AppleCare+ to serve now in the IPhone that sold inside 1 year in the past.

IPhone edition AppleCare+ is all-around service price is 988 yuan of RMB, appleCare+ of IPhone SE edition is all-around service price is 888 yuan of RMB. The AppleCare+ that applies to IPhone is all-around the maintenance that the service plans to offer the by a definite date since the day that buys IPhone oneself 2 years serves, still include to amount to what damage accidentally twice to guarantee service, every time the service expenses with certain collection: To screen attaint, the service of collection RMB 188 is expended; To other any attaint, the service of collection RMB 628 is expended.

AppleCare+ For IPhone still can think EarPods, Lightning is offerred to USB wire cable guarantee, if IPhone batteries capacity 80% under original specification designation, also can change through AppleCare+ . This AppleCare+ buys deadline to lengthen apply Yu Benzhou formally in the United States, whether does future support China still do not decide.

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