Singapore of edition of refashion of malic IPhone6 32GB opens carry out: Make an appointment with 20

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Message apple also got the home of IT recently on March 17 " classical refashion " . By this year Feburary, the apple faced chinese mainland market to roll out 32G aureate IPhone6 " refashion edition " ; On March 10, this machine child land Chinese Taiwan again; Recently, "Refashion edition " IPhone6 will be in Europe according to saying again the market opens carry out; Today, explode through small gain before netizen @ Lin Tai makings, this mobile phone has appeared on the market in Singapore, price is 648 new yuan (add up to a RMB about 3194 yuan) , make an appointment with 200 yuan than Chinese petty gain.

Will look from this piece of placard, appear on the market this in Singapore " refashion edition " IPhone6 and China (include Taiwan) identical, it is aureate 32GB version.

Expect to disclose before person @ Lin Tai according to exposing to the sun, this mobile phone is not supply by moving business, sell independently however, the IPhone SE of the price and 16G comparatives, additional, this netizen still discloses, IPhone SE also will upgrade to 32GB.

As the type 2014 for, the IPhone of the configuration of IPhone6 and new fund is a little more moss-grown really than the likelihood, nevertheless malic this action brought more selections for introductory class user, same price, like big screen and old storage space to buy IPhone6, like higher hardware standards, buy IPhone SE.

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