Begin of malic IOS10.3 Beta7 experiences video: Still arrange Hua Ruchu

Apple cj Times

The home of IT on March 17 message, today before dawn, apple the unexpectedly previewed edition firmware user to update newest IOS10.3 Beta7 developer to preview edition firmware to upgrade newlier for developer, citing last time of IOS10.3 Beta6 lay between 3 days newlier merely. Already installed user of the IPhone that describes a file accordingly, IPad, IPod Touch, can get this OTA to update in the examination in the setting directly. Before mixing same, bag of newer download installation control in 440-460MB, advocate if Bug rehabilitate is mixed,improve promotion.

Current, youTube rich advocate the begin experience that ZOLLO Tech still served IOS10.3 Beta7 for everybody. Of course, after those who do not have apparent new function is newer, expect value nature became little a few minutes, on the whole, IOS10.3 Beta7 experiences in the operation on this IPhone7 Plus in video or as always fluent, also do not have apparent Bug at the same time, after believing to had watched this video, everybody has a doubt in the heart: When is the apple pushed send IOS10.3 formal edition?

System of very perfect a version has been on IOS10.3 Beta7 whole, can update an experience, the home of IT of not long ago also arranged the firmware download of IOS10.3 Beta7 for everybody, everybody can be examined with heading for.

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