2499 yuan rise: Electric business reduces price of malic IPhone SE considerably

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Besides roll out IPhone 6 besides, we still can see the IPhone SE of 32GB likely. Through domestic cable business understanding arrives, at present the price of IPhone SE already was reduced considerably, among them 16GB model is reduced reach 2499 yuan, 2699 yuan are after 64GB model is being adjusted. Want to know to be on net of Chinese apple official, the price of 16GB and 64GB IPhone SE is 3288 yuan mix 3788 yuan respectively.

Below a lot of circumstances, tripartite agency reduces the price of malic product to mean new product to be about to release. Although we did not see what IPhone SE wants newer information recently, but in light of the movement from electric business, newer possibility is not to do not have. After 32GB IPhone 6 lands Singapore, place ever had a netizen to say IPhone SE also wants to have the type of 32GB. Perhaps, the IPhone SE of 32GB model is people place await " update " .

IPhone SE is the apple is in a when the portion rolled out in March 2016 " new " mobile phone, its appearance and the IPhone 5s that released 2013 exactly like, but its interior is configured is however dress to IPhone 6s, and the price has 3288 yuan only. Accordingly, IPhone SE also is considered as for a time history the malic smartphone that goes up to provide sexual price to compare most. The analysis thinks, the purpose that the apple rolls out IPhone SE is to enlarge this company to be in in the force that carries mobile phone market. Nevertheless number of subsequently multinomial statistic proves, in IPhone SE sells and imagining so good.

Do you hope to see 32GB IPhone SE?

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