Developer of malic IOS10.3 Beta7 previews edition firmware to be released newlier

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The message was in the home of IT on March 17 after releasing malic IOS10 Beta6 3 days, the apple previewed edition firmware user to update newest IOS10 Beta7 developer to preview edition firmware to upgrade newlier for developer again today, already installed user of the IPhone that describes a file accordingly, IPad, IPod Touch, can get this OTA to update in the examination in the setting directly. Bag of newer download installation control in 440-460MB, advocate if Bug rehabilitate is mixed,improve promotion.

The 3rd times IOS10.3 is IOS10 system great version is updated. A lot of new functions are included likewise in IOS10.3, among them the most important advocate playing a function is " search AirPods " , this is the AirPods that malic government rolls out searchs a tool, OK and convenient user searchs AirPods. Besides " search AirPods " , IOS10.3 still undertook optimizing to systematic ground floor, finish when the user after upgrading, the file system of IOS equipment can come newlier APFS of brand-new malic file system.

The apple still plans to undertake to App Store in IOS10.3 a few functions are adjusted, allow the evaluation that immediate response uses developer. Still will ban thoroughly in IOS10.3 in using developer application " beg reputably " . IOS10.3 other function includes to redesign application to open / shut animation, function of Apple ID management increases in the setting, and ICloud stores detailed information.

How to upgrade

IOS10.3 developer previews edition Beta7 to be able to preview the IPhone of edition, IPad and IPod Touch to pass OTA by moving developer online upgrade, the need that did not install Beta version equipment passes Safari browser to download file of a description above all first (nod this download | Note: Need clicks article bottom to share pushbutton, choice " Safari is opened " this news, click ahead link to be able to install descriptive file again next) , those who need an attention is the other description file that before you should be deleted, has installed, installation describes a file and restart according to clew next mobile phone.

Additional besides through installing a description file OTA upgrades besides, also can upgrade in order to download corresponding firmware through ITunes, specific means is download in the desktop end opens latest edition ITunes after firmware, press at the same time " Shift+ is updated " choose the firmware that will brush can.

Want to experience IOS10.3 is fair measure the user of edition to be able to nod this to add plan of software of Apple Beta edition.

What equipment can upgrade

IOS10 supports equipment to include IPhone7, IPhone7 Plus, IPhone5, IPhone5c, IPhone5s, IPhone SE, IPhone6/Plus, IPhone6s/Plus; IPad4, IPad Air, IPad Air 2, IPad Pro (9.7/12.9) , IPad Mini 2, IPad Mini 3, IPad Mini 4, IPod aspect is only IPod Touch 6 an equipment.

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