The IPhone 4s 5 years ago, whether true nowadays outdated?

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Below the situation that faces applied deficient in WP user, need to prepare to reserve really machine. What I choose is a few more contented of essential requirement reserve machine it is IPhone 4s.

IPhone 4s was released in October 2011, embarking A5 processor, 512MB runs memory, be apart from already had 5 years many today. The systematic version that IPhone 4s place experiences is IOS 9.3.5 of IOS 5.0 –. One this when I close is 16G, upgraded directly IOS 9.3.5.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

Compare in view of IPhone 4s photograph the IPhone time of the mainstream is more ages ago now, the experience that the article says to use IPhone 4s now with each respect after all how. Article part content also may apply to IPhone 4, IPod Touch 5, IPad 2, IPad Mini 1.

1, is the system fluent degree?

Want to make sure every generation IPhone runs a bit to pause without card, premise is the IPhone that you always can change newest generation in time. Do not talk first sell the issue that does not sell kidney, I feel seasonable to change next generation IPhone is very not sensible behavior.

I observe, my home here still a lot of people are in use IPhone 4 or IPhone 4s, some still stops in IOS 5 or IOS 6 even. I can understand the think of a way of these people: IOS 6 is enough and beautiful practical and fluent, also or it is mobile phone escape from prison do not want to upgrade.

But even if is such, I still want to talk upgraded the IPhone 4s of IOS 9.3.5 uses an experience how, after all this is the IPhone that last generation uses 30 needles wide interface.

The IPhone 4s whole that ran IOS 9.3.5 will tell and block the rate that bears hard mediumly without the imagination, and I installed many application. Can get stuck now and then when wanting v input method suddenly, the input has a place not quite smooth, the expression of the others is very good.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

If this feels very if getting stuck, you can reduce transparency in auxiliary function and abate and dynamic effect, can achieve simplifying moving result, just look not quite comfortable just.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

Picture effect and transfer animation I keep acquiescent, behave on IPhone 4s actually really I still can accept.

2, is applied support spent?

Above all, what no less than says before me, the IPhone 4-5S that still has a lot of people stays in IOS 6-8, because these version are in of these mobile phones fluent degree quite perfect.

The application of the mainstream asks normal download uses IOS 7 or IOS 8 talent at least now, if can pass certain method to download old version to apply, some likelihoods still can be used, some does not have a law to be used normally namely.

Fortunately, the IOS 9.3.5 that IPhone 4s place carries now still can support great majority application even of partial play move. Occupy me to observe nevertheless, when fraction application is being designed, the likelihood is oversight the existence of IPhone 4s, they appeared on IPhone 4s UI extruding, control a problem that the dot that be held off is less than or cannot see, lay a plan for example rub do obeisance to bicycle, whole is used and do not have hinder greatly even if.

But some application may ask 64 processor, or be at least IPhone 5 will carry exercise is used, this does not have method really. At present I know Microsoft hand annulus applies Microsoft Band to ask only at least IPhone 5 With IOS 8.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

Those who be worth to rejoice is, the application that this problem affects is not much, great majority applies or can get used to IPhone 4s.

What want an attention nevertheless is, space of IPhone 4s odd memory may be insufficient, some application may be used using shine retreat, want to reduce this kind of circumstance as far as possible, can according to in front what say close transparent result, abate animation. Of course, the IOS 9.3.5 as a result of 32 equipment cannot escape from prison, also cannot use fictitious memory so.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

3, network support

IPhone 4s cent is A1387 and A1431, I take this is A1387, can support UniCom 3G, mobile 2G. A1431 supports telegraphic 2/3G. 2G need not say more, uniCom 3G is OK and contented most the network of at least visits need.

Besides, if need to use 4G flow on IPhone 4s really, you can support the mobile phone of 4G to open heat to be used to IPhone 4s with other. Nevertheless IPhone 4s is put generally in common fault of solder of Wi-Fi module empty to bring about Wi-Fi to become grey to cannot be used, the likelihood needs to change afresh a high temperature resistant Wi-Fi module will effect a radical cure this problem, I had changed.

The SIM card that IPhone 4s needs to use is Micro SIM card, if you are used, is Nano SIM card, need so a reductive chuck or it is to fill do a piece of SIM to block ability to load IPhone 4s. At present fortunately bright useful chuck brings about IPhone calorie of report that groove is blown bad.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

Of course, if do not insert SIM,card also can be used, but if inserting SIM to get stuck, solution locks up total meeting to appear to did not install SIM to get stuck, cannot see Suo Bing pursues, inserted a piece of Nuojiyanei then ministry test gets stuck with SIM, operation business shows for Carrier 24.0 (a NOKIA of operation trade name can identify correctly on Lumia mobile phone) .

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

4, peripheral join support

The interface of 3.5mm standard earphone of IPhone 4s can at the same time compatible the earphone of two kinds of different specifications, so if if needing to hear a song with IPhone 4s, need not worry basically do not have earphone to be able to be used.

Convert in IPhone before Lightning interface, there still is a lot of to use the base of 30 needles interface on market, can consider a choose and buy. And 30 needles interface does not need MFi attestation, an any apples line of 30 needles data all but compatible use, distinguish namely side of positive and negative is not quite good insert, the person that may let equipment of aloof old IOS feels unfamiliar.

At the same time you still can buy a lot of support of 30 needles interface turn wiring, can accept SD card.

4, take a picture

The postposition of IPhone 4s is photographed like the head 8 million like element, and inside buy gyroscope, still the picture that enough takes a clarity, although some IPhone 4s cannot are opposite possibly anxious, use those who pat a few remote sceneries or more than sufficient nevertheless.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

Because I prefer to use Lumia 950XL and Lumia 1020 to film, so of IPhone 4s photograph like the head I am basic not very is used. But if if you prepare to serve as IPhone 4s,filming brunt is used, so its photograph should not make you disappointed like the head.

5, add boat ability

The mobile phone that IPhone 4s was 2011, batteries capacity is 1430mAh. Below IOS 9, whole UI and speed of report of applied bad news ought to compare the IOS 5 – previously 6 faster, plus 5 years time went, batteries also is unavoidable to meet ageing.

I this is not exceptional also, will look with the level that uses daily, estimation can open 56 hours, I had not changed battery, n from 15% drop suddenly 0% be often thing.

If return preparation,use the word of IPhone 4s so, the proposal changes in time batteries in order to acquire optimal use position.

If the mobile phone does not have escape from prison, a few software that you can use computer to go up (for instance ITools) the loss rate that will examine cell. If loss is a little big (e.g. me such, on circular time 1000) , should consider to change so batteries.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

Fortunately IPhone 4s changes batteries also is past dynasties IPhone the simplest risk is the least.

The IPhone 4s 5 years ago -- whether true nowadays outdated?

6, inside buy memory uses an amount

The person that is familiar with present IPhone should know, the IPhone that the buy inside use 16G stores is called " beggar edition " . But 16G does not start IPhone 4s, however 8G. The IPhone of 16G uses original already enough have too many problems to deal with daily, the IPhone of 8G is afraid also cannot pack a few application.

I am not quite affirmatory IPhone 4s whether can pass in that way like IPhone 6/6s (Plus) change inside buy memory comes physical enlarge look, but had better not undertake physical enlarge is allowed, otherwise from the back the meeting is very troublesome.

If bought the IPhone 4s of 8G and still upgraded IOS 9, that still is taken do reserve machine.

I am 16G this, not bad, the application of installation uses installation measure than the mobile phone of average person at least slightly much, and still have a few surplus spaces.

7, summary

Whether can IPhone 4s still be competent today your brunt?

The answer is, the pursuit that basically sees your need to application and convection free spend how.

If you like IOS 5 - 6 very much classical draft content to change an interface, 4s is not defeated by present IPhone completely in the expression below these systems. But fall in this system, you can be faced with the application that considers download to ask at least frequently the problem of IOS 7/8, calculated you to download to apply to IOS 5 – the application of 6, some also carries API to update a reason to do not have a law compulsively to be used normally because of the service. Will tell to domestic user, general meeting uses more the input method that this locality changes, and IOS 7 and version installs tripartite input method before want escape from prison. So, if use IOS 5 – the word of 6, the hand opportunity that is about to had done you to use is the awareness of half function machine.

If upgraded IOS 7 – 9, you still can use present great majority application. IOS 7 – 9 behave in IPhone 4s uneven, and rise from IOS 8, escape from prison had become a dispensable issue, but fall in these systems, batteries add boat and fluent degree may be inferior to IOS 5 – 6, abate and dynamic effect, reduce diaphaneity, open to save electric mode to conduce to alleviate these circumstances.

As a result of the mobile phone that was 2011, it does not support any 4G frequency paragraph, and mobile can 2G, uniCom (A1387) telegraphic (A1431) can use 3G, if you were used to the speed of 4G, so the speed of 2/3G you are probable incommensurate, use Wi-Fi can alleviate this problem. IPhone 4s still blocks compatibility to present mobile 4G SIM good, a few mobile phones insert unlike on card does not identify mobile 4G SIM at all, cannot use mobile 3/4G namely just. IPhone 4 takes the place of before be being compared, it solved the aerial door problem that IPhone 4 exists. If want to regard IPhone 4s as,reserve machine will often be received call, it can be competent completely. Of course, if if you prepare to regard IPhone 4s as,IPod Touch is used, so these content can be disregarded.

Greeting everybody takes a brick in comment area.

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