522 dollars: Malic IPhone6 32GB weighs plate making next week Europe opens carry out

Apple cj Times

By this year Feburary, the apple faced Chinese market to roll out edition of refashion of 32GB aureate IPhone 6. On March 10, type of this heat leftover rice-say or do the same old thing landed Taiwan market again. Now, according to local media report, grey IPhone 6 of deep space of edition of 32GB set limit to (2017) will at landing White Russia next week, white Russia is the landlocked nation that is located in hamster, the capital is Ming Sike.

The message says, the apple is advanced accredit agency I-Store put on sale this equipment, the price closes 522 dollars about. I-Store is located in Ming Sike of White Russia headquarters, the population here is about 2 million.

Besides store SKU is updated outside, IPhone 6 of heavy this 2017 plate making and original IPhone 6 are identical, deployed resolution of 4.7 inches of 1334 X 750 to display screen, before buy 1.2 million photograph like element like the head, postposition 8 million photograph like element like the head, embarking apple 64 A8 chip, 1GB runs memory.

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