Product of much money apple obtains 2017 IF to design a gold prize: AirPods is in row

Apple cj Times

Design award announced famous recently Germany IF to designed gold prize list 2017: 13 inches of malic AirPods, Touch Bar MacBook Pro and IPhone7 Plus go up in succession a list of names posted up. It is IF design award below the commment to these a few products:


The wireless earphone that the apple innovates this mixes the technology concise and perfect confluence, transform wireless experience thoroughly, make earphone more easy use. The Apple W1 chip with new profit from, airPods brought very efficient wireless communication experience, join is more stable, acoustic quality rises, batteries add boat also is in an industry banner level. Siri of have the aid of, airPods supports an user to doubleclick the individual aide that you like v most. AirPods eliminated the difficult problem with other and wireless common earphone, should open only charge the box is clicked gently, can install, match with your IPhone and Apple Watch.

13 inches of Touch Bar MacBook Pro

New fund MacBook Pro used brand-new crust design, framework of complete metal an organic whole brought very solid, reliable, at the same time very light very thin jotter. It deploys an apple up to now the Retina with the brightest, the richest color displays screen. Its interface also had major breakthrough, with be being called the Retina class of Touch Bar touchs the functional key-press column that accused column to replace a tradition at many o'clock.

IPhone 7 Plus

IPhone7 and IPhone 7 Plus have argent, aureate with pink version, the brand-new black in still having additionally two fastens version: One kind is positive pole eletroplates dumb light is black, still one is plant is bright black, look abstruse, bright. Bright black version adopts the innovation technology of 9 zincous processing and polish, form this kind of unified, slick surface thereby. Brand-new the case of the design is further aggrandizement IPhone waterproof function.

Additionally malic IPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and 15 inches of Touch Bar MacBook Pro also obtained IF 2017 to design award.

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