With large CEO: IPhone8/7s can be produced in the United States, dan Ping wants a responsibility if

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The intermediary outside occupying reports, with large the battalion of a few months closes in what the apple produces demand to drive recently fall to be climbed successively litre, company CEO Liao Xizheng expresses, the company can produce IPhone7s and IPhone8 in the United States, but apple must all cost that the burden produces because of this.

With large CEO: Can want a responsibility if really in Dan Ping of American production IPhone all cost

Liao Xizheng says on investor conference: "No matter be the client of American client or China, want to have demand only, can satisfy with large, the product line that the company is in the United States and China all already perch. If Telangpu's president holds to him ' the United States is made ' the strategy, want a client to be willing to bear relevant cost only, cooperate gladly with large. Cooperate gladly with large..

Liao Xizheng still says on investor conference, company to future the battalion of a few months receives foreground to support pessimistic attitude, main reason is notebook computer market level too weak.

Liao Xizheng about producing confirm of migratory opinion on public affairs the point of view that the company expressed January, but he alludes a company to may need to will be produced can enlarge larger scale. Mix at that time large president boy virtuous express, the yield of American manufacturer can need possibly to expand 3 to fivefold, but won't total to labour force or IPhone demand causes an effect.

The manufacturer that is set in California and indiana city with large was not an apple to assemble a product at present. These manufacturers basically are HP and Dai Er to serve. The area that these companies still serve in them provided field service in the light of certain product.

Telangpu still is entering into an election contest at that time in the process, his menace says to want to adopt all sorts of countermeasure and the company antagonism of those overseas birth products. Kang Hehe large offers malic requirement Fuji the environment affects a report, this may be Telangpu put forward to the apple among them a requirement. Fuji health made a plan, but did not make a program however with large, the reason is the cost that such doing too tall.

The product such as the IPhone that the acceptance when Telangpu is entering into an election contest should produce to overseas imposes the custom duty of 35% . If congress passed his this one draft resolution, that will make a lot of companies shift production American home.

The apple is presiding library of · of Mu of apparitor the base of a fruit overcomes (Tim Cook) accepted in December 2015 when interviewing, express: "Want to produce IPhone, need is in large quantities of one supplier gather same the area just goes, at present United States still does not have such requirement. Although Telangpu decides duty tax rate to 45% , very may much manufacturer or meeting continue overseas production, the cost that because change product line,brings to American home place still moves brought cost on tax rate of prep above duty. The cost that because change product line,brings to American home place still moves brought cost on tax rate of prep above duty..

Assume the apple is the price of a mobile phone 700 dollars surely, so this mobile phone is in the United States to answer the income of pay is 280 dollars, according to current tax rate computation, after deducting manufacturing cost and other factor, the imposition that needs pay is 98 dollars.

The tax that according to Telangpu the government raises changes plan, the integral tax rate with predicting applicable apple will by current 35% drop 20% .

After duty changes, if this mobile phone is produced in the United States, it answers the income of pay taxes still is 280 dollars, but reduce because of applicable tax rate, the imposition of malic need pay falls to 56 dollars. If this mobile phone still for instance China produces overseas, so should the income of pay taxes is 700 dollars, according to applicable tax rate 20% will calculate, the imposition that the apple needs to be pay of this mobile phone is 140 dollars.

Still not be clear about at present the manpower cost that supplies catenary place to need and other cost are built to be able to produce cost to cause how old effect to the mobile phone in the United States, but do not be willing all the time considering a lot of companies so do, accordingly we can say for certain, the amount that manufacturing cost increases exceeded tax rate to reduce the expenditure below the province.

Where does the cost that raises without giving thought to come from, IPhone transfers American country production to bring can be regarded, and addition cost can be gone to finally by marry again on the head of consumer.

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