Pay IPhone of apple of the line on treasure to hire aircraft service: 229 yuan / the month rises

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The message was in the home of IT on March 16 this year Feburary when, beijing east had rolled out " Beijing east protect hire " service, the user can enjoy every months of 228 yuan price to hire malic IPhone7 to use, hire IPhone7 Plus needs 268 yuan every months.

A few days ago, pay credence of treasure sesame seed to combine an interest to be enjoyed first also rolled out similar service, basis introduction, pay Baokedi to offer malic IPhone7 32GB/128GB, IPhone7 Plus 32GB/128GB at present 4 type are optional, price is 229 yuan / since the month, compare " Beijing east protect hire " of malic IPhone7 hire valence expensive a yuan.

It is particular value ▼ below:

Pay treasure user to login after paying treasure App, ordinal click"My " - " sesame seed credence " - " credit lives "Can find this service, at present this service still lies try moving condition.

It is below hire aircraft flow ▼ :

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