Malic IOS10 compatibility exceeds strong: Line of tall copy data also can be used normally

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Do a test we are serious, the mobile phone on suffer from hand already upgraded IOS 10, to make clear Hunan problem, the IPhone 5S mobile phone that was forced to buy version of an IOS 9.31 technically will do a test.

Problem phenomenon:

We discover line of data of a few tall copy to work normally on IOS 10, but cannot work well on IOS 9.

Incorporate is: Insert A first fair insert malic head to be able to give a mobile phone to charge normally again, and if do not insert A fair, insert malic head only, cross mobile phone clew a few seconds not to support this fittings, perhaps insert malic head to insert A again first fair charge only the symbol does not have electric current however.

Data string problem analyses:

Above is graph of principle of pattern of tall copy scheme, the discovery that tear open solution has be no longer in force of solder of empty of capacitance of the C1 in the data line of the problem, in A fair below the condition that did not insert report, the power supply of MCU is by the DQ that corresponds with the mobile phone the foot supplies the faint electricity that come over actually, maintain supply MCU to work normally by C1, if C1 invalidation, that MCU cannot work normally.

Why is that met in IOS 9 and IOS 10 expression different? Because the attestation process of IOS 10 has,be improve.

See the following analysis:

Process of IOS 9 attestation analyses:

From above the analysis can see, if insert A first fair, because A is fair,the voltage that come over can assure MCU regular job, do not suffer C1 invalidation effect, insert malic head at this moment, can complete attestation process normally. If insert malic head first,misfire to guide directly as a result of C1 invalidation MCU fail to attestation.

Process of IOS 10 attestation analyses:

From above can see IOS 10 becomes cleverer, below the condition that inserts failure of malic head attestation first, do not hint " do not support this fittings " , still is when A is fair attestation is started afresh below the condition that inserts report, and MCU of supply of A fair voltage is OK already and right now normal the job, the attestation that finish charges normally, the surface already did not look to go out have what problem.


The problem phenomenon of as it happens of above analysis result and begin is consistent, the compatibility that shows IOS 10 is better, ask A is fair only can regular job goes below the condition that inserts report, do not ask Chan Duan inserts regular job, IOS 9 asks Chan Duan is inserted also want to just won't sign up for a fault normally, the data line that can use normally on IOS 10 so may be bad on IOS 9 to make.

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