Mcdonald's begins to check IPhone to order meal, be about to land China

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Although what be any more new issue, but Mcdonald's still begins to check use IPhone to order meal today. The client that installed Mcdonald's application can be in aleatoric place undertakes ordering meal, and can be finished in local Mcdonald's dining-room take eat and pay.

Mcdonald's open shift orders meal is to avoid client jam, wait endlessly to become cool with food, applied process comes to use geography crawl detect whether has every client been close to Mcdonald's dining-room, remind employee to begin to prepare their quick meal.

Mcdonald's will have a test in cafeteria of California Monterey and Mcdonald's of Home Salinas 29, began to begin a test in 51 Mcdonald's of Washington city Spokane on March 20. Jim Sappington of Mcdonald's operation vice-president expresses, shift is solved to order in the test eat and any real problems in paying, can be by 2017 in complete beauty roll out in dining-room of 14 thousand Mcdonald's. The Mcdonald's dining-room of Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia and China also can be in support IPhone to order meal soon.

Current Mcdonald's application can browse menu only, find around restaurant. Sappington hopes to did not come, mcdonald's application can provide wholer experience.

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