Expose to the sun IPhone8 of 5.8 inches of apples matchs curved surface screen: Degree of curvature

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The apple predicts to be able to release 3 novices machine this year, among them two are IPhone7 and IPhone7 Plus upgrade version, additionally one uses the IPhone8 of 5.8 inches of screen namely. According to the hearsay before this, IPhone 8 will provide screen of an OLED curved surface, because this a lot of people are in the Galaxy S7 Edge that thought of SamSung is subordinate for a short while. It is however in light of Japanese media, the indication screen of these two mobile phones is different.

" day classics Asia is commented on " express in a report yesterday, the OLED screen that place of 5.8 inches of IPhone 8 provides is met on curved surface than Galaxy S7 Edge " downier " . Pass the information that personage of cite know the inside story provides, " day classics Asia is commented on " say, curved surface of IPhone 8 screen is met " downier " , because the apple does not plan to be in the place that has curved surface to increase what new function,that is, this also are mixed Galaxy S7 Edge is different.

▲ Galaxy S7 Edge

Exchange a word for, the curved surface screen of IPhone 8 is form of a kind of surface only, without what essence action. Like many report before this, " day classics Asia is commented on " also be in what 5.8 inches of IPhone 8 express in newest report to be able to inspect screen dimension to be 5.2 inches. Zuo of well-known analyst Guo Ming ever expressed, what IPhone 8 deploys is screen of glass of a 2.5D, of mobile phone front can inspect the place besides screen the meeting is a few more integrated fictitious key-press, for instance Touch ID.

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