Each are big January statistic of portion of mobile phone system: IOS, An Zhuo is overwhelm

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Beijing time on March 15 message, according to report of foreign media Softpedia, the newest data that Kantar of market research organization releases shows: Windows system mobile phone already die out, an Zhuo and IOS system will hold whole smartphone market.

Share of market of whole world of Windows mobile phone

Kantar expresses, windows mobile phone cannot have propped up his the renown date of operating system of the 3rd old mobile phone, current, portion of Windows mobile phone and blackberry mobile phone differ very few. Apparent, Only two smartphones system still is in An Zhuo and IOS to develop ahead, class of a place of strategic importance, blackberry and system of Windows mobile phone cannot have produced major effect, mobile phone manufacturer can abide by An Zhuo and the regulation that IOS drafts only.

Come in cut this year inside 3 months January, the market share of Windows mobile phone drops again. Be in Germany, share of market of Windows mobile phone drops 2.9% , and in England and France, drop range is bigger, occupy only 1.9% with 2.8% . Windows mobile phone still holds fair share in Italy, achieved 4.4% , and in Spain, its portion is very little more, occupied only 0.4% .

Be in the staple market United States of Microsoft, windows mobile phone also acquired the market share of 1.3% only. And be in China, windows mobile phone had lost existence to feel almost, leave the share of 0.1% only.

Windows mobile phone does not go there in Australian it may not be a bad idea, still hold its at present the market share of 1% . Exclusive the country that share of a market gets promoting is Japan, market share from 0.5% rise to 1.5% .

Without doubt, the share of Windows mobile phone still can drop continuously. Be in a year of in the past, microsoft also did not bring welcome change for Windows platform, believe user and developer still can continue to use this platform very hard.

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