Muti_function IPhone7 fittings RES appears: Double interface + wireless charge

Apple cj Times

When mobile phone of IPhone 7 series is released, apple " chop " the practice that traditional 3.5mm earphone inserts aperture lets many users feel very unaccustomed, the option that uses traditional earphone on IPhone7 has 3: The connector with strange perhaps earphone of blue tooth, Lightning.

Fortunately, while a fittings product that the name is RES can let an user use traditional earphone on IPhone 7, charge to the mobile phone, solved IPhone 7 to have the problem of an interface only. It is the Lightning interface cent of IPhone 7 Lightning interface and 3.5mm earphone to insert aperture.

The in-house configuration of this product has 24 / 192kHz digital-to-analogue converter, can promote the frequency of IPhone 7 user the experience. Additional, high-end signal processor can take all detail of primitive frequency file, and deploy fall advancedly technology of a confusion of voices.

Be worth what carry is, this RES still can be offerred for IPhone 7 mobile phone wireless charge function, want to receive it Lightning interface repeatedly only, can pass compatible Qi wireless charge of the standard charge board undertake wireless charge.

If upgrade,the high-end earphone that new IPhone lets you seeks the word that is less than good, this muti_function IPhone fittings is a very right choice, after all, we let an apple decide we listen to the means that music perhaps charges without reason.

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