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Mix to the apple this year SamSung, it is a very crucial year.

The apple is in during experiencing old sales volume to glide continuously, be badly in need of can helping its redeem those who sell declining tendency to change sexual product; And SamSung was appearing last year below the setting of major crisis, also the shade that too impatient to wait wants to pass a type that can prove him actual strength to be incur is washed white. Both argue is in secretly prize is whole industrial pattern.

Malic novice machine is controlled SamSung shows screen is produced can Chinese firm stick in a pin wherever there's room

The apple leads an industry to change

Although the smartphone develops today, the space that can innovate already more and more finite, but this does not hamper the greatest company is created everlastingly. Chen Yue of doctor of Shanghai electron project is opposite suddenly reporter of the first finance and economics expresses: "The change with the biggest smartphone or meeting are centered on indication screen and batteries, these are the most hopeful greet change the component of sexual technology. These are the most hopeful greet change the component of sexual technology..

Chen Yue is fierce think, on batteries technology, be in very hard still perhaps short-term see new breakthrough, but in OLED flexible it is mature that the technology of indication respect has tended. Drive as the acceleration of apple and SamSung, of OLED gain ground will faster and faster. "Although OLED screen is not malic initiate, but after the apple is used, will produce tremendous effect to the increment of whole industry. Will produce tremendous effect to the increment of whole industry..

SamSung has been before this in much money product used screen of OLED curved surface. The intermediary outside the basis reports, samSung S8 can use OLED of immensity full screen basically, bury traditional Home key-press in OLED screen under, such indication screen look is a complete glass, and OLED screen will more province report.

Domain of machine of Dan Zaizhi hotshot, malic product can lead the mainstream style more probably. Every roll out the apple a new technology, this technology inevitable can predominate. The first use dactylogram does not identify sensor be like IPhone, but after IPhone 5s used dactylogram identifying technology 2013, this technology matchs with respect to the bid that makes a smartphone.

What reporter of the first finance and economics obtains is various the message discloses, the apple offers money to assure the initial stage of new IPhone8, had begun to purchase spare parts in a large-scale, the mainest component is OLED screen. Chen Yue is fierce express: "The apple also may be met and the design that does not have casing is adopted like SamSung, let rectify a screen to become a complete glass, and showing effect side will be more bright with clarity. " nevertheless the apple had not leaked any information about IPhone new model external all the time, the hearsay says besides OLED screen, the apple still will be used wireless charge and enhance actual AR technology, carry double camera lens, waterproof function to upgrade to IP68, aggrandizement to come loose the design such as heat.

The yield of the SamSung that is in monopoly position in OLED screen domain at present can have been divided up almost. Korea media near future explodes makings say, apple and SamSung had signed the agreement of order of OLED face plate that is as high as 2.6 billion dollar probably. The apple predicts to will order screen of 75 million OLED from SamSung monitor, 14% what hold output of global OLED screen, and more OLED screen will be digested by him SamSung -- SamSung electron will receive the screen of 56% . In addition, OPPO and Vivo also will assure respectively 13% with the OLED screen portion of 10% . SamSung and apple do not grant to this buy is judged.

The AMOLED technology that the smartphone uses basically is in the SamSung, LG company hand that grasping screen core technology, those who include the magnate such as the apple swarm into bring about screen of OLED curved surface necessarily large-scale be in short supply. The analysis predicts, the sales volume of last quarter will achieve malic IPhone this year 90 million.

Of manufacturer of homebred mobile phone " hard currency "

Because SamSung does not agree to open wide,supply, the apple also begins to think method raises money through other firm more OLED screen. There is a message to say before this, apple already microelectronics of horse of the Beijing east with China, Hua Xingguang report, day, show He Rouyu science and technology with country of hill of glow report, elder brother 6 companies secret negotiates OLED cooperates.

To the business of production of homebred mobile phone 2017, screen of OLED curved surface also will be become most crucial " hard currency " . The hearsay before this says, because SamSung is right China it is those who restrict OLED face plate to supply, bring about China defer for Mate9 series release. To this, huang Shaoyun of general manager of company of some science and technology is opposite Shenzhen reporter of the first finance and economics expresses: "Set limit to supplies the sale strategy that is SamSung, OLED can not demand exceeds supply accordingly, whole market cost and produce can change won't be too big. Whole market cost and produce can change won't be too big..

The increase sharply of demand will force homebred change a course, already enterprise of face plate of much home country says to realize a quantity to produce this year. Personage of know the inside story discloses to reporter of the first finance and economics, the Nuo of letter of dimension of OLED technology company that is located in elder brother hill has invested 30 billion yuan of RMB to develop OLED quantity to produce a plan, predict to be produced this year can can break up 3 times the left and right sides. Electron of horse of photoelectricity of Beijing east, China star, day also divulged OLED face plate produces line rate of progress planned speed and quantity to produce schedule.

The report says the first finance and economics last month, the apple checks to had undertaken a few months to the AMOLED screen of Beijing east, consider possibly to join Beijing east supplier list next year. Beijing east has opened up endowment 100 billion yuan of RMBs built two AMOLED to produce a plant in Sichuan Chengdu and continous this world. If two product line are entire actuate, those who produce per year a quantity to be able to achieve 1.6 million square metre is flexible AMOLED glass displays screen. This predicts than IHS place the summation of global OLED crop returned summary 2016 a few taller.

"Chinese enterprise is carrying out the extensive investment of OLED face plate, antagonism Korea manufacturer. And launch offensive in a large-scale as Chinese enterprise, layout is most advanced the way of electronic component becomes clearer and clearer, development of future of homebred OLED face plate surmounts day of Han probably. " Zhang Yan expresses to reporter of the first finance and economics, "This also is an auspicious good luck to the development of manufacturer of homebred mobile phone. "This also is an auspicious good luck to the development of manufacturer of homebred mobile phone..

Research organization Stifel is forecasted, besides OLED screen, type of malic IPhone admiral is returned will the 3D induction skill that conformity takes IPhone. In last few years, malic company bought much home and the newly established company that strengthen real skill to concern stage by stage, and had taken conformity of company of a few newly established camera department of the apple. A few Zhou Qian, the 3D that analyst of many wall street shared them to be used possibly to the apple is photographed like the information related the head.

Famous apple analyst, triumphant base the newest report of Zuo of Guo Ming of negotiable securities analyst points out, of the IPhone 8 that the autumn will release this year before buy camera system can increase infrared ray to send modular group and infrared ray to receive modular form, borrow this to be able to have a face ministry identifying, iris identifying, still can undertake 3D is patted oneself. He still is forecasted, the infrared ray that system of camera of the buy before IPhone uses sends modular group to pass the 3D of joint research and development of use apple and Lumentum feeling technology. Infrared ray receives modular group to make You Honghai or Xia Pu, buy camera is made by Suo Ni before.

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