SamSung S8 1000fps is slow-motion film Jing admires, malic IPhone8 needs to be chased after urgently

Apple cj Times

IPhone is not the first can film the smartphone of slow-motion video, but, IPhone is apparently very before popularizing this a lot of friends not very pays close attention to take a picture function. Nowadays, slow-motion video films can be found in the smartphone in high end, the slow-motion video that nevertheless the apple also should promote new IPhone8 probably filmed, because the slow-motion video of the Galaxy S8 of competitor SamSung films,allegedly can exceeding Jing admires.

Say simply, should speak of transcribe when slow-motion video, frame number is higher, video will be slower. Especially we should film when the setting such as wild animal or explosion, we want to use the slowest motion to go the detail with fine focusing.

Basically nowadays IPhone and most high-end smartphone, can film the slow-motion video of 240 Fps, but according to a newest report, of Galaxy S8 photograph can capture like the head every second that makes a person fab 1000 frame, such performance exceeds the IPhone7 nowadays far.

Of course, the Galaxy S8 of SamSung has not been released formally nowadays, say whether it can configure the slow-motion video that makes a person surprised so to film so function, still still be a mystery, nevertheless, the competitor's progress, the apple must be prevented for certain.

Before long before, suo Ni had brought new smartphone camera sensor, the rate that this sensor can yield a smartphone to use 960 Fps films slow-motion video, and also many hearsays are mentioned, suonihui uses his method, let this sensor appear on the body of IPhone, change character, probably soon, IPhone can the try hard to catch up on the horse.

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