Should SamSung snatch order of malic A12 chip? The stage accumulates report: Want too much

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Korea media disclosed recently, to contend for the order of chip of malic A series 2018, samSung has developed a process in what quicken 7nm craft. And, samSung still is mixed to his craft the in the future action that grab sheet has hope very much. This moment, stage accumulating report has supplier of malic A10 chip the word wants to say. The stage accumulates report to disclosed to media a few days ago, its the chip fine that place of craft of generation 7nm produces is tasted rate had been as high as 76% .

Accumulate electric estimation according to the stage, according to current development rate, the 7nm chip of this company can realize a quantity to produce first half of the year in next year, sheet sees essentials from the process first at SamSung. There ever was an analyst to think before this, the 7nm chip of SamSung may want when quantity of hopeful of the ability end 2018 is produced, the difficulty that because this SamSung should grab next A12,handles chip order will very tall. And, stage accumulating report has been in deploy engineering technology of the 2nd acting 7nm.

As we have learned, the craft of the 2nd acting 7nm of stage accumulating report will be used extremely ultraviolet light (EUV) , predict its density photograph raises 1.2 times than generation, rate rises 10% , and power comsumption is reduced 15% . SamSung once was supplier of old A series chip, and be to be supplied solely before IPhone 6. However, as a result of SamSung and the patent dispute between the apple, plus last year " chip door " incident, they want to obtain chip order of the apple again now, it may be said is extremely difficult.

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