India of malic IPhone SE depreciates greatly, or be about to release 128GB new fund

Apple cj Times

Say according to coming from the report of Indianexpress, to contend for India in carry smartphone market, the apple depreciates considerably according to saying to had begun to be IPhone SE in India.

Among them price of 16GB IPhone SE is adjusted for 19999 rupee, add up to a RMB about 2100 yuan. Price of 64GB IPhone SE is 25999 rupee, add up to a RMB about 2740 yuan. This price should be write down card to buy through using credit card to perhaps borrow return show 5000 rupee (add up to a RMB about 520 yuan) the price later.

The message that Macotakara comes from before says the apple is met the IPhone SE that still can release a 128GB while the bottom perhaps released new generation IPad Pro at the beginning of April in March (have 16GB and 64GB only at present two version) . And of Indian IPhone SE depreciate probable it is to taste a kind of suggestion that issues shortly newly.

The apple can be in commonly day of the 7~12 before the news briefing is held sends invitation letter to each media, the date from now is computative, the possibility that the apple will hold a news briefing April is a few larger. The hearsay says the apple will hold IPad Pro news briefing on April 4, nevertheless also media mentions an apple not to hold a news briefing to announce to be tasted newly directly likely release.

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