Fruit pink people tell the truth, did gules IPhone7/Plus his mind disturbed not?

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The home of IT the apple released the information last night on March 22 the IPhone7/Plus of gules and special edition, compare the IPhone7/Plus of other version, new fund used bright red match colors, the exposure espionage before mixing is illuminated different, before the IPhone7/Plus of gules and special edition used white board design, day line also is gules, not be before the red black match colors of the hearsay.

About these two kinds of match colors after all which good-looking? The wife and children of IT is companionateRefined and courteous Sang Made count in comment area, from the point of support and antagonistic measure, The person that selects red black match colors is opposite more. Subsequently the home of IT also made relevant and voting count (nod this understanding) , end to stalk of grain to cut, participate in share 5120 young associate votingly, Among them 3741 people chose red airframe, black face plate this one option, face plate of gules airframe, white held total voting number only become much point.

The domestic redo of IT polls now statistic, fruit pink people can get told the truth, this second gules IPhone7/Plus did you your mind disturbed not?

New fund IPhone7/Plus has 128GB, 256GB version of two kinds of memory, price is respectively: 7 128GB 6188 yuan, 7 256GB 6988 yuan, 7 Plus 128GB 7188 yuan, 7 Plus 256GB 7988 yuan. Tonight 20:30 when, beijing east new fund IPhone7/Plus makes an appointment the quantity had been broken through 270 thousand close greatly, and make an appointment the number still is in grow continuously, look the young associate of the IPhone7/Plus that likes this new match colors is true still many, so you?

Can you choose to buy?

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