Malic IPhone8 drives demand of OLED face plate cruel add, day look forward to raises crucial equipme

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The intermediary that occupy a stage reported on March 22, IPhone of malic OLED edition drives demand of face plate equipment cruel add, day intermediary message says, crucial equipment line of business person Canon Tokki plans this year considerably expansion turnout, want to increase 2 times than last year. Because of answering intelligence mobile phone uses organic glow diode (the huge demand of OLED) face plate, japanese equipment line of business person year of yield that CanonTokki will raise key of vacuum evaporate plating to make Cheng equipment. Canon Tokki plans equipment of vacuum evaporate plating produces per year a quantity to want 10 above this year, more than last year give 2 times.

Height of market of IPhone of malic OLED edition expects. Triumphant base cast before considering analyst Guo Ming Chixian, forecast, OLED edition IPhone will be measured in September this year produce, beforehand IPhone of appraise OLED edition is occupied this year apple of second half of the year 3 new IPhone machine kind shipment proportion will be amounted to 60% .

The market anticipates relevant face plate of OLED edition IPhone issues Samsung Display to be supplied solely by Korea SamSung banner this year. Market personage is analysed before, key of plating of organic evaporate of OLED of Canon Tokki control makes Cheng equipment, include Samsung Display and east of chinese mainland Beijing, order OLED equipment actively to Canon Tokki, in addition Korea LG Display also is ordered to Canon Tokki.

Canon Tokki of the special interview end last year points out Peng rich company, The crucial equipment that place of face plate of OLED of Canon Tokki production requires, make by this company almost. Guo Taiming of president of grand sea group once still visited Canon Tokki headquarters personally, consolidate equipment order for goods.

The value of stage of OLED equipment aircraft that a Canon Tokki creates, be as high as 10 billion yen, the client should wait for ability two years when stage of this crucial equipment aircraft, anticipate tomorrow 3 years order demand lasts driving.

The Xia Pu that grand sea invests is in rouse oneself to catch up of OLED face plate, resolution will invest 57.4 billion yen to introduce substrate of OLED face plate, OLED to make on September 30 last year and the equipment making Cheng that installation requires, in order to undertake substrate TFT film is formed, besmear through evaporate plating in substrate Fu OLED material, and periphery of installation drive IC make Cheng, predict to will arrive in April 2018 during June begin battalion carry go into operation.

Market personage expresses, consider the digestive rate of order of Canon Tokki client, xia Pu must try first before Korea SamSung and east of chinese mainland Beijing, take OLED crucial facility.

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