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On March 22 message, according to Peng Bo the company reports, a certain weekday of not long ago, dong Ximiao (Dong Ximiao) in Hangzhou Kendeji buys quick meal. Resemble most Chinese in that way, he draws out skill machine to plan to use shift to pay buy sheet. The member that receive silver asks: Pay treasure or small letter? The problem is, dong Ximiao wants to use an apple to pay service Apple Pay to pay Zhang.

But the member that receive silver tells him, she never has handled Apple Pay to trade before this, whether does inaccuracy support this kind of service surely. Dong Ximiao is a researcher of people university, he says: "I believe firmly Kendeji supports Apple Pay to serve, accordingly I teach the member that receive silver one pace finally finish trade, she surpriseds so simply to the operation. She surpriseds so simply to the operation..

After China introduces shift to pay a service one year, the apple is in hard this value gains more share in the huge market of 5.5 trillion dollar, although it supports China,the biggest bank is mixed settle accounts network. Because,this may be, IPhone passes in Chinese amount little, 9.6% what IPhone took smartphone total sales volume only in Chinese sales volume 2016. But more important is, the small letter that consumer has been used to using what Alibaba develops to pay treasure and Tecent to roll out it seems that pays, they had rolled out several years of time, and support all mobile equipment, include IPhone.

Morningstar Investment Service is stationed in Shenzhen analyst Marie · grandson (Marie Sun) express: "I think to did not come in what can foreknow, apple Pay cannot be obtained in China pay treasure or small letter to pay high in that way market share. Pay a service to this shift, the opportunity that I think it can acquire more market share is its China competitor appears great and safe flaw, and consumer needs to seek replace a service. Look in my individual, I still convert without discovery malic service can bring additional profit. I still convert without discovery malic service can bring additional profit..

Malic spokesman blocks · of beautiful jade of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces (Carolyn Wu) reject to make a response through email. The apple is presiding library of · of Mu of apparitor the base of a fruit is overcome (Tim Cook) the portion represented Ceng Yu in October 2016, he is right Chinese market prospect " very hopeful " , although this company is in,battalion of big China area closed to dropped last year 17% . The apple rolled out Apple Pay 2014, expect to be able to bring remarkable income for its. However, the original intention that the apple rolls out this service is to make its IPhone more charming than the competitor.

If say to a certain country can let Apple Pay gain huge success, this country is China for certain. Announce data to show according to TNS Global Ltd, the couplet net consumer of 40% can use China every week mobile equipment pays. This makes China becomes the shift with the greatest whole world to pay the market, the Asia also pays a domain to surmount in shift Euramerican. In Feburary 2016 when Apply Pay the portion appears in China when, the partner counts 10 more than, include industrial and commercial bank, construction bank. More important is, the user can register bank card or credit card, the sale network that carries Chinese silver-colored couplet shops. This network has many 1000 machine, can handle touch touch pay trade. Silver-colored couplet delegate rejects buy to judge.

However, pay treasure and small letter can pass scanning 2 dimension code is direct and online pay Zhang or pay through other way, this lets them make the businessman's more relaxed, cheaper choice. To the equipment of Apple Pay and technology of communication of other use near field, the infrastructure that they need is more costly. And the design that pays treasure and small letter is more convenient, people can turn each other Zhang or cent enjoy eat Zhang sheet, they more resemble cash purse. · grandson says Marie: "Paying treasure and small letter is forerunner, and still having a lot of sales promotion activities, offer user cash drawback privilege for instance, encourage what Chinese consumer uses them to pay a system. Encourage what Chinese consumer uses them to pay a system..

According to China tall canal of a main bank discloses, this bank in client of bank of 1000 much words, only the person of 1% registered Apple Pay. The disbursement of the user the activity also drops 1 times every months before from 1 year to every 3 months 1. Apple Pay lags behind at paying treasure and small letter a when pay main reason is: IPhone by OPPO, China go out to be squeezed with brand of etc China smartphone, these native land brands are rolling out very welcome in consumer high end equipment. IDC data shows, IPhone 2016 year in Chinese shipment the volume dropped 23% .

Apple Pay is in of other market extend also be thwarted. In Australia, apple already with this country the bank did not come with respect to what shift of race to control pays and " roughhouse " , bring about Australian guild to combine " protracted boycott even " its enter this country. Be in Japan, apple Pay rolls out beginning troublesome and ceaseless, some consumer encounter a trouble when be registered on IPhone. Although be in the United States native land, the apple also faces intense competition, because snack inn and retailing shop also are introducing his shift,pay a service.

The market studies company IResearch discovers, shift pays a service to developing flourishingly in China rise, its trade always 2016 the forehead is as high as 38 trillion yuan, increased 2 times than the year before last year. Pay treasure and small letter enclothed China the shift of 90% pays an user. Forrester Research data shows, compare to it, american shift paid the market to grew 39% last year, always trade the forehead is 112 billion dollar.

It is in the center of Beijing the bakery of flavour much beauty of business affairs area, the member that receive silver says Apple Pay is in whole town many 280 shop can be used. But the small letter on IPhone of user of the scanning side her pays an edge to say: "Feel embarrassed, I do not know how to operate Apple Pay, because I never had used it. " Dong Ximiao expresses: "The apple changes existing structure very hard, not be devoid likelihood, however very difficult. The apple needs to solve two short board, namely last kilometer mixes last centimeters. Last kilometer is to be able to let more businessman accept it, be in especially in small town. And last centimeters mean more consumer to be able to use it. Solve these two problems likewise costly and take time. Solve these two problems likewise costly and take time..

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