Accident of gules edition IPhone7/Plus appears, what abacus is malic library gram hitting?

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As expected, choice of malic spring news briefing is soundless tasted newly newlier on government-owned net directly. This " news briefing " involved the product such as IPhone, IPad and Apple Watch. Among them, IPhone of gules and special edition most get attention, be in China especially the market. Before the IPhone8 of 10 years of version, is this regarded as to carry brace up is the gules version of IPhone7 series sales volume true can does if place wish?


Somebody thinks this moment releases a gules version very the style of unlike apple. But the analyst thinks this is the apple gets used to vicissitude of the market, of a take advantage of an opportunity that gets used to consumer demand lift. In smartphone hardware parameter already need of Yuan Chao consumer, coessential change severe case to fall, drive its to change the dynamical more of machine to come from the other property of the mobile phone, for instance fashionable attribute. So, OPPO Ka Zaichun was rolled out before the section " China is red " OPPO R9s; China for this year cling to exhibit rolled out the P10 with fashion colour green wood; Vivo is about to release the Xplay6 that wears arenaceous black version... mobile phone manufacturer was hit in succession " color " idea.

Is IPhone 7 calling gules edition what abacus?

IPhone is familial much a color: Gules. All the time the message passes an apple to be able to roll out to cater to Chinese consumer " China is red " , no matter whether the intent is such, but really Chinese market is more sensitive to this color: Besides festival besides, have lucky intention more. Again conspiratorial by a few, apple " release " version of this gules IPhone 7 when, gram of library of CEO of as it happens also is visited in China, more estimate letting a person market of its deflection China.

2016 money after year, before 10 years of version, the apple rolls out IPhone 7 of gules and special edition to let a person can't help thinking, is the apple this what to abacus hitting?

The 2016 money in the apple in year, IPhone sales volume will relatively on year glide 6% , annual battalion closes and profit also all appears 15 years to glide first. Newest one season money signs up for (2016 the 4th quarter) show, although IPhone7 makes the biggest secondary attack of season of this one money, but battalion of big China area closed to drop compared to the same period 12% , make malic whole world in 5 big markets exclusive a battalion controls the area that appears to glide considerably.

And the Counterpoint data that comes from tripartite shows, the apple desertioned in China 2016 " best-selling sheet tastes a mobile phone " throne, be exceeded by the R9 of OPPO of native land brand, sales volume portion is occupied 4% . Although the library is overcome,call in series of IPhone 7 of telephone conference admiral " malic company's most welcome product " . But appear and do not apply to Chinese market, the pressure that the apple is facing in Chinese market is greater and greater.

Also say frankly even Cooke, competition of mobile phone market is more intense, this should be attributed to Chinese indigenous industry to devote oneself to to make the mind of good product. In manufacturer of before IDC data shows Chinese shipment is measured 5 big smartphones, before 3 by China for, OPPO, Vivo undertakes the whole thing, the apple can discharge the 4th only.

"The apple also knows the user is done not have to IPhone 7 so cold, compare change with IPhone6s photograph after all not quite. The apple also is to hope to be able to use the change of the exterior and otherness to attract customer. " Counterpoint studies chief inspector Yan Zhanmeng thinks.

After IPhone 7 issues half an year, the issuance of gules version can cause the heat of people to discuss again certainly. GfK analyst Jin Ruizhao thinks, apple the mode of a year of one iteration is more and more difficult, the issuance of gules version can maintain a temperature of the product at least.

Before the IPhone8 of 10 years of version that await in everybody comes, gules and special edition IPhone 7 was gifted it seems that more missions.

The mobile phone also wants vogue to change

Actually, the decision that makes facial expression this besides the apple rolls out gules version, manufacturer of homebred mobile phone also early the decision that made facial expression.

Before Spring Festival of Chinese the traditional Chinese calendar, OPPO rolled out red OPPO R9s of China of edition of set limit to; China for this year cling to exhibit the wood that still cost very long time to demonstrate collaboration of as authoritative as colour PANTONE to roll out green with the P10 that gets vulture blue version; Vivo also can be in the Xplay6 that rolls out new match colors to wear arenaceous black version later a bit...

To the consideration of surface color, china to express because took the demand with increasingly particular to airframe colour consumer,be. Occupy the research of trend of product of IDC adversary machine to show, begin from 2015 2016, vogue changes what update via making a mobile telephone already among them a trend. Among them, the diversification of color, also be the vogue in reaction product turns a tide.

No matter whether mobile phone manufacturer is willing to admit, the smartphone is coessential change already special and serious, and the demand that smartphone hardware was head and shoulders above people. Present smartphone 4GB memory already predominate mark matchs, this is equivalent to the memory of computer of a notebook even. After the hardware parameter that has paid close attention to a smartphone not quite when people, the smartphone also became quick pass the time in a leisurely way to taste slowly. And quick pass the time in a leisurely way is tasted having natural concern with fashionable attribute, consumer changes the dynamical more of machine to come from the demand of a few individuation. Accordingly, mobile phone manufacturer also more and more cross a boundary, be united in wedlock with fashionable photograph.

" after all the times is different, the market is different, and the competitor also grew. The apple issues gules edition more it is take advantage of an opportunity and for. "IDC analyst Jin Di thinks.

Nevertheless, whether can IPhone 7 carry gules edition really the sales volume of Zhen Ping fruit, see market feedback even, very much after all user or blame often expect this year the IPhone of 10 years of version of second half of the year.

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