IPhone SE new fund is released, apple eventually " eliminate " drop 16GB edition IPhone

Apple cj Times

All the time since, many users that bought 16GB version IPhone had experienced the problem that be not worth because of storage space and cannot install IOS to update, after the course complains for years, the apple stores the introductory version of all IPhone the space promoted 32GB eventually.

Yesterday evening, the apple released the IPhone SE mobile phone of new version, at present 4 inches of exclusive IPhone are cent this 32GB and 128GB two version, replaced original 16GB and 64GB model, the capacity breaks up times but the price is changeless, price is 3288 yuan of RMBs since.

Current, the lowest of IPhone6s series and IPhone7 stores the space all is 32GB, and the lowermost size of IPhone 7 is bright black IPhone 7 and the gules and special edition that just issue 128GB. All the time since, IPhone cannot upgrade storage space is the user blames a most aspect, especially those users that bought introductory class IPhone.

Last year September, the apple rolled out initial capacity to be the IPhone 7 of admiral mobile phone of 32GB first, and IPad product line is early already " eliminate " 16GB stores this grade, the introductory memory that just plays worn IPad Mini 2 also achieved 32GB. Battle array of malic IOS equipment is at present medium still offer 16GB version exclusively the type of initial capacity is IPod Touch, this product last time is updated is 2015.

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