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The home of IT on March 22 message yesterday evening the apple issued gules edition of brand-new IPhone7, IPhone7 Plus, tagged beneficent orgnaization clearly in the light of foreign market (RED) LOGO, express to will be global fund (Global Fund) contribution, in order to support project of AIDS prophylaxis and treatment. And Chinese official net just explains simply " IPhone7, now more appear with red " , as special color version is rolled out.

Foreign user Marques Brownlee had obtained gules edition IPhone7 Plus first now, and brought a box video and simple begin experience for us.

Look from appearance, gules edition IPhone7 Plus and other version do not have the place with special what, but the introduction that there is PRODUCT(RED) beneficent orgnaization inside the box of IPhone7 Plus gules edition that pack, encourage an user to visit the website of RED beneficent orgnaization, whether is edition of red of IPhone7 of travel of country of Shang Buqing Hunan at present such.

Mix from malic official net additionally see in box video, apple this gules to hardware tonal also undertook fine tuning, the product color brightness before this is taller, more adjacent gules, this IPhone7 series is tonal more slant dark red, also provide a metal to feel character more. Compare other version, the back after gules edition IPhone7 and IPhone7 Plus more leave fingerprint not easily.

Video opening box is below.

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